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Post by Soul on Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:37 am

Hello, and welcome too the 'Endless-Eclipse' Forum.
Now, here are some of the rules too this forum.

1: No cussing out admins / mods.
2: No harassing anyone asking questions about the server. (Will get banned)
3: This forum is strictly used for the 'Endless-Eclipse' Server only.
4: If you complain about poor adminship here, then speak with Soul.
5: If you post a topic here that is clearly used for 'Lounge' or 'Eclipse-Online' Or any other topic,
Simply ask someone too move the topic too it's original state.
6: Admins are not going too ask you for your 'information' In game or on the forum. so, don't believe new players.
7: Don't use big letters in topic's such as THIS or Topic will be deleted.
8: If you wanna post pictures / videos in this forum. Post under 'Lounge'
9: We won't take any action's against you or any fellow players arguing over something.
10: Do not post random stuff in this forum. (That's what lounge is made for.)
11: This forum is used for Endless-Eclipse bugs & issues in game, Trading accounts / items / recruiting for guilds is acceptable in this forum spot.

Hope you all have a wonderful time in Endless-Eclipse.


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